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Frequently Asked Questions

Does it work for everyone?

96% of our customers are satisfied with their purchase. The other 4% get a full refund. There isn’t a diet pill that works for everyone. With our money back guarantee there is no risk.

How long does each bottle last?

Each BONUS BOTTLE last 45 day (15 additional days for free) if taken as directed. We recommend taking 1 pill three times per day with 8 oz of water, one hour before each meal, for best results.

Do you recommend a certain diet?

We do not endorse or recommend one specific diet. Many different diets have worked for our customers. While diet is not mandatory our supplement’s best results are with a healthy diet and exercise. We recommend talking to your doctor.

Is Mastica Slim Safe?

It is a combination of all-natural product with the addition of Mastica Tears, from Chois Greece, which has been use to benefit health for 3,000 years.

How do I order?

Click on the BUY NOW button

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